Monatsarchiv: Oktober 2012

All about passion

I have to present somebody to you. Tonight I went on a gig in a small venue here in Cologne. I didn’t know the band for long, just had heard a song on BBC Radio 6 Music. The first songs didn’t catch my attention too much. It was loud and dark. But when the frontman Billy McCarthy started to talk to the audience about what drives him through life, lets him suffer with little money: That is his will to play music. With all his heart and senses.

I am quite impressed and I feel proud to have shared this moment with him and the audience. His music is so vibrant, so full of rhythm and really makes sense to me. Thanks Billy McCarthy and his band: WE ARE AUGUSTINES.

The gig developed and they had a few unplugged songs, just Billy and the keyboarder Eric Sanderson. The croud went mad.

In my opinion this band is 100% underrated. Hope to see them again next year, maybe in Haldern Pop or even Glastonbury Festival.