Monatsarchiv: Oktober 2014


„Der Mensch hat immer eine Heimat und wär‘ es nur der Ort, wo er gestern war und heute nicht mehr ist. Entfernung macht Heimat, Verlust Besitz“.
Alexander von Villers

KKK (Karin’s Kulturkompositionen) sei Dank: Heimatgefühle und Nachdenken über den Tagebau im Rheinland (Inden, Hambach, Garzweiler). Was ist eigentlich die Rheinische Seele? Antworten im Museum niederrheinische Seele in Grevenbroich. Sehr haptische Darstellungen und ein außergewöhnlicher Film über Schützenkönige. Wachsen meine Wurzeln wieder tief genug, wenn Rheinbraun mich zwangsumsiedelt? RWE kauft ein ganzes Schloß, unterhält und bewirtschaftet es, betreibt mehr schlecht als recht Imagepflege, die den Menschen beruhigen will: Deine Heimat bleibt da wo das Herz ist. Die Botschaft hör ich wohl, allein mir fehlt der Glaube…


tagebau hambach







Hidden gems

London’s most beautiful burial ground is HIGHGATE CEMETRY, opened in 1839. Many famous people are buried here such as Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren and Douglas Adams. A group of people, the „Friends of Highgate Cemetry“ rescued it from its reglected and derelict state it had become in the 1980th. Visitors now can enjoy many views on headstones, vaults, columbariums and sarcophagus within a beautiful nature resort. Here are my impressions on it – worth a visit in any season:

the circle of lebanon

nature is taking over

nature is taking over

celtic light

remember no man

her faithful dog


Dogs welcome but…

… only when they are propperly washed: The first ever dog wash I have seen in my life was on the parking ground of a posh pub in Hampstead:

doggywash1 doggywash2

Timetravelling in London

Spending a sunny october day in London, we spotted places in the south west of London. Millions of people follow the tourist traces to Covent Garden but we went to New Covent Garden, the traditional and largest vegetable and flower market in London. Arriving there one of the guards grinned at us, heading to the boots. We were 8 hours too late, it starts at 12 in the night…market stalls New Covent Garden

Who remembers Pink Floyd? Their album covers were splendid, one showing the Battersea Power Station with a flying pig above.

There are plans going on to develop the whole area into luxery apartment blocks. You won’t get a panaroma view onto the power station anymore! We went to Gate 1 and ask for permission to visit. He told us to come back in 12 years time when the museum will be open…Battersea Power StationBy the way: The marketing website of the whole development is so unrealistic promotional, I hope you get the picture.

Hungry and thursty we drove to Richmond to find a bavarian beergarden on the Thamse River bank. It was closed but a few steps further was the White Cross Pub with a lovely beergarden. A blackboard said: „Entrace at High Tide“, me speaking to myself: „Do you call that a joke?“, remembering my early geography lessons in school: This is a river not the sea.The White Cross Pub Richmond

After passing Richmond park for a spontaneous visit at Dave Holmes flat (by the way another sign of the past, we first met in 1978) we drove back via Richmond and saw the whole beergarden flooded with the High Tide…
I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture but will keep this impression in my mind for long.